The Thirsty Rooster

A novel by Colin Crump

Peter Crowley is a great man operating a digger but, between trying to win Liz and building his own business, he has dug himself in over his head financially – now he is not in a position to turn down any digging jobs that come his way; not that the sort of people requiring his services would ever take ‘no’ for an answer.

And Peter has other concerns. For instance, is his financier Big Ben simply a go-between, or something far more sinister? And why do you need a length of garden hose when the debt collector calls?

Meanwhile, Peter’s friend Martin has only one question – how is he supposed to choose between an exotic dancer and God?

This darkly amusing novel is the first from the pen of Colin Crump, younger brother of Barry Crump, entrepreneur, raconteur and a man who knows a thing or two about taking chances.

Pages: 268
ISBN: 9780473221980
Published: November 2012

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