Reel the Line Gently

A third novel from Colin Crump

Con Chignal wants more. But when his beautiful model girlfriend tells him she is expecting his child, he discovers he has more than he bargained for, and less than he desires.
At his lowest point, Con meets JJ – and JJ has a proposition Con can’t refuse.
Money – lots of money – and a new love interest mean that Con should be a very happy man, but always having to look over your shoulder takes its toll.
As Con soon learns, the drug business is a lot easier to get into than out of: once the line is cast there is no turning back.

JJ gets to retire to his tropical paradise, with more money than he knows what to do with.
Will Con be as lucky? Or are there other forces looking to reel him in.

Reel the Line Gently - A Novel, by Colin Crump - Cover Image

Pages: 202
ISBN: 9780994147110
Published: 1/3/2017

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