Jason’s Dunny

A second novel from Colin Crump

Life is full of surprises.
Big Floyd Johnston didn’t expect to find anything more interesting than a pig or two when he set off with his loyal dog on the morning of his seventieth birthday. And, even then, he hardly imagined that the untamed wilderness he stumbled upon that day would soon become his own personal adventure paradise.

Gypsy Joan just needed a place to park up for a few days. When she arrived at Floyd’s Crossing, she didn’t know that she had come home or that she would meet the love of her life there – a man who had a few secrets of his own.

Joan’s mother found far more than she expected when she opened an old glory box and went through the papers it contained.

People came and went. Some of them stayed. And Floyd’s Crossing continued to surprise those who explored there – gold, old planes and marvels of bush plumbing….

As for Jason’s Dunny – well, everyone wants to see it for themselves. Trouble is, no one can find it.

Pages: 164
ISBN: 9780473255275
Published: August 2013

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