In Endless Fear: A True Story

Autobiography of Colin Crump

To celebrate Colin Crump’s eightieth birthday, and to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his brother Barry Crump’s death, CP Books have re-released In Endless Fear, the story of the Crump siblings’ often-traumatic childhood.

Colin’s autobiography tells of a childhood tainted by a terrifying level of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a merciless father. But life was not entirely bleak and these pages also attest to days of almost idyllic freedom.

Between the fear and the freedom the Crump siblings grew up to be strong, resiliant and self-reliant, at home in the New Zealand wilderness that, for so many years, provide them respite and refuge.

This book casts the brothers’ story in a powerful light. The author’s experience in particular offers a ray of hope to others in abusive situations.

Cover Image: Barry Crump (Left), and Colin Crump (Right).

Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780994132468
Published: September 2016

In Endless Fear: A True Story (2002)

Originally published in 2002 by Penguin Books NZ, who subsequently had to close their doors. These copies available are the last of the final print run, and were bought directly from the publisher in brand new, un-read condition.

New Condition, 2002 Edition Paperback Available from…


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